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Behind the Scenes | In Vietnam

Behind the Scenes | In Vietnam

Last August, our beautiful General Manager and sustainability guru Netty, flew across the seas to Vietnam to delve a little deeper into the production of our pieces. Here’s a little insight into Netty’s time there and a sneaky peek at the craftsmanship that goes into all the Olli Ella products you know and love.

A sea of pink Luggys have finished a quality control check and are ready to sail across the sea, as Netty cools off in the factory next to some of our white Strolleys. 

An, one of our crafts-women, is adding some finishing touches to some freshly woven Storie Stools, and some of our Big Luggys warming in the sun!

Olli Ella Belly Baskets drying in the sun, in one of our craft villages.

We hope you loved this sneak peek!


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