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Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Here’s to the mamas, daughters, sisters, aunties & all the wonderful women in our lives! In celebration of International Women's Day, we want to say thank you to all the women that make Olli Ella possible, from our makers to our sellers to all of you! PLUS read what our founders and retailers have to say about this year's International Women’s Day theme #BREAKTHEBIAS

The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is ‘Break The Bias’

Find out what #BREAKTHEBIAS means to Chloe & Olivia, Olli Ella Co-founders.


Thank you to the women who make Olli Ella possible...


Our Makers

Our team of talented artisans handcraft each product to bring our designs to life. We are proud to have created hundreds of jobs for women in the communities we work with. 


Our Vietnamese Makers

Many of our rattan weavers get the raw materials delivered to them so they can work from home!



 Our Indian Makers

Use of GOTS Certified organic cotton ensures production is kind to the local environment & people.


 Our Chinese Makers

They bring our dolls & toys to life through their skilled handiwork & even make our See-ya Suitcases using PET (recycled plastic bottles)! 



Our Stockists

Who run the world? Girls! From the women who work in the stores to the women who run them, this wonderful community brings Olli Ella to life in-store, and we love nothing more than spying our goods in shop windows around the world!

We asked a few of our retailors on how they can #BREAKTHEBIAS?



The Kid Collective

“We're not afraid to do things 'our way' at The Kid Collective. Female led, we approach the work we do with flexibility, compassion, and enthusiasm. The world can be different. And more kind.. And we support the need to #breakthebias.” - Laura
@the.kid.collective | Leicester, England



“It is our privilege and honor to work with a team of amazing kick-ass women, may they continue to trail blaze and light the way! ” - Amy
@ShopPigment | San Diego, USA


Little Gatherer

“I am really proud to have created a business that not only employs a team of amazing women, but that is also full of products that celebrate differences and encourage the next generation to grow up to be happy, compassionate, and inclusive humans.”- Leila
@littlegatherer | Auckland/Cleveland, New Zealand


Norman and Jules

“I imagine a world where we don’t have to call out for equality because all ARE equal. A world where people embrace one another’s differences. Where it doesn’t matter the color of your skin, where you were born, how you identify. As a company and as a family, we stand against discrimination. We welcome and support all. Our team has and never will never be homogenous. Please join me in a call to #breakthebias” - Coutney

@normanandjules  | New York, USA



Charlotte et Charlie

“As a female owned company and a team of strong women, we are truly inspired by the sisters, mothers, leaders, and friends who paved the way for us. Together, let’s continue to fight for a better and equal world everyday, take positive actions and be proud of our improvements. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.” - Andréanne
@charlotteetcharlie | Quebec, Canada



“Let’s raise our girls free of stereotypes
. Being a woman does not mean being weak, submissive or dependent. The fact that we are women makes us strong. It makes us independent and capable. Our girls only need themselves to be whatever they choose. Our job is to show them how.” - Teresa
@tutete | Murcia, Spain

Tinker Tray Play

“A happy child is one without bias. At Tinker Tray Play our toys are for all children to enjoy. To #breakthebias we must allow our sons to play with dolls and our daughters to become superheroes” - Anna
@tinkertrayplay | Weymouth, England


The Little Woodenpeg

“I'm so blessed with strong and confident women in my life. Women's strength and love is layered and deep, there's always enough to draw from it when we need it most and share it with others along the way ❤” - Ruth
@thelittlewoodenpeg | Dublin, Ireland


Natural Baby Shower

“It can be tough to balance being a mum and a female business owner, particularly when neither role shouldn’t negate the other! What I find ironic in my case (and for many women in the nursery retail industry) was that when the idea of Natural Baby Shower was born, it was completely inspired on my experience as a woman, and as a mum. Bringing up my first baby whilst travelling in New Zealand, there were so many natural and sustainable products to choose from so, it came as a shock that on my return to the UK that those options were no longer available. It kickstarted my vision to bring British parents the very best for baby, parents, and the planet too.

Now, 15 years on and 3 little ones later, we have a thriving, sustainable retail business that is succeeding on our mission to help parents shop conscientiously but like many, running a large business is no easy feat! However, I’ve learnt to adapt and prioritise my time to make things work; whether that means planning meetings around the school pick-up and doing emails when my children have gone to bed, or making sure to book in holiday for quality, family time away from the business.

I also want to inspire my daughter and female staff I lead, so for International Women’s Day, we need to appreciate that being a woman is our biggest asset and not a weakness. Instead let’s harness the advantages of being a woman. #BreakTheBias.” - Vics

@naturalbabyshower | Surrey, England


Bohemian Mama

“We celebrate differences and provide the fundamental liberties to women that we all deserve” - Gina
@shopbohemianmama | Ocean City, USA 

De Gele Flamingo

“It’s time we start celebrating the genders’ differences instead of trying to clear them, and provide the fundamental liberties to women that we all deserve”- Sophie
@de_gele_flamingo | Antwerp, Belgium


Le Petit Cocon

“We all succeed together. Let’s stand together as women instead of against each other.” - Dominik
@lepetitcocon | Quebec, Canada 


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