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The Making of Olli Ella Rugs

The Making of Olli Ella Rugs

Each step of the production process for our Rugs has been carefully considered to ensure that we are kind to the environment, fair to our makers and use the best quality materials to last you for generations. Take a closer look at the people and process behind the making of our new rugs.

Our Values

Creating an Olli Ella rug begins with ensuring every employee that works with our supplier is given fair working conditions and set-up for success in both their professional and personal lives. Through factory supported transportation, comfortable working conditions and fair wages, each employee is given the opportunity to support and care for themselves and their family. 

The Factory

Our handmade carpet supplier in Bhadohi, India, provides stable employment, support and financial security to both women and men within the community. Each employee is offered transport to and from the factory as well as assistance with medical and financial needs — creating a safe, secure and fair working environment for everyone.  
Comfortable workbenches, open-air facilities to bring in fresh air and sunlight, as well as clean dining areas and health facilities, are available to all employees within the factory. 

The Artistry

Each Olli Ella rug is hand-spun and hand-knotted from start to finish using 100% New Zealand Sheep’s Wool.  

 Step 1.

First, each design is mapped out on large graph paper to give artisans the design guidelines to start making.  

Our Rugs start out just like this! 

Shop Natura Rug                                Shop Essy Rug

Step 2.

The wool is then hand-dyed in the factory’s outdoor area and set out to dry sustainably in the sunlight. 

 "The dyed wool is colour-matched with the initial design to ensure each artisan uses the same shades throughout the weaving process."

Step 3.

The dyed wool is then distributed to the weaving team in local villages. 

Once the weaving process is ready to commence, artisans follow the original mapped design to hand-weave each beautiful piece on the loom. 

Step 4.

All weaving takes place in the comfort of the artisans' own home — allowing for stable employment while remaining close to their family. 

Step 5. 

Finally, the finishing touches take place! Any excess fringe is trimmed, the rug is shaken-out and cleaned, then rolled and carefully packaged — ready to become a part of your home.

Our hope

 It’s a long process with a beautiful result. With a team of amazing artisans by our side, each Olli Ella rugs is a timeless piece designed to last for years to come — we hope you love them as much as we do! 




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