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What's on our team's festive wishlist!

What's on our team's festive wishlist!

The most wonderful time of the year, full of family, friends and delicious feasts. We all love seeing the look on a loved one's face when gifted a sentimental present. There is definitely a process of love and thought when deciding what goes under someone's tree. Our team wanted to share with you their gifting picks and why they chose them for different individuals.


Fawny Twinkle

The sweetest new edition to the Cozy family, Fawny Twinkle and twin Fawny Twiggy love the holiday season. 


“Twinkle is so soft and cuddly, perfect for baby’s first gift. I love the subtle holiday theme.”
Claire , Head of Sales, Australasia  

Rattan Red Mushroom Basket

A fantastical home for our Holdie fairytale folk and other woodland creatures. Or an adorable accessory for your day-to-day! 

“Nothing beats the Olli Ella Mushroom Basket, I personally love it as a clutch – such a fun talking piece!”
Hannah, Account Manager, AUS


 Playpa- The Land Before Time

There are Dinos, volcanos and fossils that your kiddo (or you!) can color, paint, and play on, providing countless hours of artistic fun! Create stories on it, play with figurines, and invent games on it. (It also makes for fun wrapping paper!) 

"Organised fun for the whole family whilst you let your roasties and sprouts go down!”
Lucy, Customer Happiness

 Dinkum Doll Cotton Daisy Dress  

Just like the dresses that grandma used to make {only better because it’s Dinkum Doll sized!} the Daisy Dress is filled with those handmade yesteryear vibes.

“The embroidery is so detailed and cute; it completes the outfit”
Dewi , Head of Sales, Europe

 Ink Rattan Cabouche Basket

A basket full of presents, or a basket full of blankets, however you choose to use this sweet set, it will add a touch of effortless elegance and tactile comfort to your home.

“The most gorgeous basket set for storage. Looks great in the kids room or living room”
Lisa, Head of Sales, Americas

Dinkum Dog Honey

The Dinkum Dogs are the most low-maintenance pets you could ever take home – all they require is some love and snuggles to keep that tail wagging!

“It’s a great starter dog for kids to learn how to take care of a pet.”
Merryn, Account Manager, US


 Cozy Dinkum Bunny Moppet

Bunny Moppet, so cuddly and cute, loves to doze in its soft fluffy suit. Made for snuggles and snoozy days, this velvety little Cozy loves to play! 


“It's the plush version of Moppet & it's a great ‘security blanket’ for children all year round.”
Maritess, Sales Admin


Dinkum Dog Buddy

Buddy enjoys playtime with kiddos, walks with the Dinkum Dolls and they’re mad about their bones.

"Dinkum Dog Buddy is the perfect gift for my toddler who's Dog obsessed"
Kayla, Marketing Co-ordinator, AUS

Cozy Dinkum Fawny Twiggy

Fawny Twiggy is a beautiful gift for newborn babies or would make a wonderful addition to any stocking this festive season!!

“Fawny Twiggy is the sweetest new Cozy, perfect for new little babes .”

Andrea, Product Assistant, AUS

Holdie Animals Marine

The Marine wildlife of Holdie™ World are wonderful and diverse. These three friends are all very different, but that doesn't stop them from having fun together.

“The sweetest little things, perfect for imaginative play!”

Netty, General Manager, AUS

Nyla Changing Basket

The Nyla Basket is a fresh take on a traditional changing mat. Handwoven using the soft natural fibres of seagrass, the Nyla basket can be used after your little one has outgrown it, as a toy storage or as a display basket for dried blooms, or your favourite books, perhaps.

“With bub on the way, the Nyla changing basket is the perfect addition to our nursery”-

Tara, Global Marketing Director, AUS


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