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Long Strolley Handle

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It's always so bittersweet when your little one outgrows their favourite toy. The Strolley has been a much-loved pram/buggy/stroller/trolley for many of your children for years - and now it can grow as your little one does too!  

Designed to accommodate growing children & extend the life of the Olli Ella Strolley, the Long Strolley Handle can replace the existing & removable handle on your Strolley (for ages 18 months – 4 years old), making it perfect for kiddos aged 4 to 8.   

Note: The Long Strolley Handle cannot be used with older Strolley models with a fixed handle made before 2019. They are only suitable for Olli Ella Strolleys with a removable handle. 

• Made from metal and plastic
• Two screws and instruction sheet included
• Suitable for Strolley models from 2019 & later - with a removable handle
• Suitable for ages 3+

Dimensions: W27.3cm x H40.6cm

Weight: 0.2 kg

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