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Be a Daydream Believer!

Be a Daydream Believer!

Remember when we used to be reprimanded for staring out the window in school?! Well, times have changed, and don't worry if your child has a tendency to drift off with the fairies into the occasional reverie - it's very healthy for them! Here’s why...

Here's why a little daydreaming has powerful effects on young minds…


For children, daydreaming can help them create, practice, and process dialogues they may have with others.

Daydreaming rejuvenates the mind and by allowing kids' minds to wander provides rest and relief from draining tasks. This may explain why they do tend to do it in class. It can occupy more complex areas of the brain than previously thought, so much so that to solve a difficult problem it may be better for your child to switch to a simpler task and let their mind wander.

It can increase their creativity and further inspire their imaginations. Children who are allowed time to think without distractions develop vivid and entertaining imaginations - entering those inner unknown realms can help spark creativity and help them formulate ideas. Be that while playing, reading, telling stories or in creative arts.

Daydreaming inspires ambition and goals for your little ones' future! A daydream can most certainly become a future reality. Remember, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Walt Disney were all big daydreamers, and their daydreams went on to change the world!


The Daydream Collection is designed to celebrate all our daydreamers and the wonderful places their minds go. It taps into the world of imaginative play and the way in which our children's daydreams can be influenced by their environment.



"The idea for The Daydream Collection came from when I was looking at my newborn baby and just wondering what she is daydreaming about - what do babies dream about?! Daydreams, they’re just one step towards making magic happen and making a dream reality. I feel like so much of what I do at Olli Ella is Daydreaming. Thinking about toys and thinking about how to make someone happy and how to design something that does bring a little bit of magic into people’s lives. The prints were inspired by nostalgia, by clothing and toys that Chloe and I used to wear when we were babies" - Creator & Co-founder, Olivia.

Pip Goldie

Mini Daisy

Moppet Ocean 

Pickle Blossom

"The idea of matching the PJs with the Dinkum Doll is that so much of doll role play is about becoming an older sibling or talking about that. I know how much my kids love to wear matching clothes, so being able to dress their Dinkum Doll to match their Dozy Dinkum is such a sweet way to encourage that role play."- Creator & Co-founder, Olivia.

Sweet Dreamy Matching PJs

"We feel like teaching that nurturing and that closeness is something that is inherent in all children, so we wanted to introduce new careers to go along with these prints"-Creator & Co-founder, Olivia.

Dinkum Doll Carrier Blossom

Dinkum Doll Carrier Ocean 






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