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DIY Reindeer Antlers

DIY Reindeer Antlers

Your littles can play parent to their new Cozy Fawnys with their grown-up Reindeer Antlers! Learn how to make your very own pair in this DIY craft from our friend @raisingwildones 🦌✨

It’s craft time!

Make your very own DIY Reindeer Antlers



Watch video below for extra guidance!



  • 01Trace
    With a pencil, mark out two of your Reindeer antlers on a piece of felt of your choice.
  • 02Cut
    Using scissors, carefully cut out two strips of brown felt (the band of your ears)
  • 03Glue
    Glue the edges of your Reindeer antlers connecting them so there is an opening in the top. 
  • 04Stuff ears with cotton
    Using cotton buds, stuff the inside of each ear to give them their shape and glue the seams together. 
  • 05Glue ears to the band
    Place down the first piece of the brown band felt and glue the antlers on, then place more glue on the base of the antlers. 
  • 06Glue top
    Place down your other piece of the brown band felt and connect them, allow to dry. 
  • 07Measure width of head
    Before connecting, make sure to measure the band to the width of your little one's head so it fits just right! 
  • 08Attach Velcro
    Attach your velcro to each endpoint of the band and voila! You have your very own set of Reindeer antlers!




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