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The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch

I am the switch witch, from the land of moonlight. I come to trade candy on Halloween night! Place all your sweet treats in this basket right here, and on Halloween night new toys will appear! 🧙🏻‍♀️🐈‍⬛

We all know of the tooth fairy, but have you heard of the switch witch?

In case you're not familiar, the Switch Witch is a good witch that visits your home on Halloween night while the little ones sleep. She takes (not steals, as she is an invited guest!) the candy your child has decided to trade with her and leaves toys in its place.

  What is her name?

When you adopt a Witch, she comes into your home and will be part of your family forever. Although some Switch Witches you may come to know, your very own Switch Witch is yours to name.

Where does she live?

Your Switch Witch lives in Witchy World high above the clouds. Lots of good and fun magic takes place here. She can arrive at almost anytime, though they tend to show up in early October to prepare for Halloween. Once in your home, she'll happily take up residence in a mushroom or castle with your other magical friends!

How to introduce the Switch Witch to your little one!

Give them some backstory on who the Switch Witch is.
Have them decide, in advance of trick-or-treating, how much candy they're willing to give to the Switch Witch. 
Have them write a note to the Switch Witch asking for the toy(s) they would like, and the rest is magic!
32% OFF
Holdie Fairytale Folk - Prince Galience

Holdie Fairytale Folk Prince Galience

20.18 AUD Regular price 29.90 AUD
32% OFF
Holdie Fairytale Folk - Wanda the Witch

Holdie Fairytale Folk Wanda the Witch

20.18 AUD Regular price 29.90 AUD
47% OFF
Rattan Castle Bag

Rattan Castle Bag

46.72 AUD Regular price 89.00 AUD


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