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Our Beloved Mother Earth

Our Beloved Mother Earth

Every day is a reminder to ourselves of how each of us can contribute to preserving our precious planet and keeping it safe and healthy for the generations to come. There are so many ways to show gratitude to our planet and often the simplicity is forgotten.

We are committed to creating a positive impact for our planet and are mindfully working to minimise our environmental effect. The planet sustains our business and we aim to ensure we sustain her in return!




We are B Corp Certified - meaning we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance both profit and purpose.



Toxin Reduction

We have aligned to a number of bodies to help steward effective toxin reduction across our products. This contributes to both the health of people and the health of the planet.



.1. GOTS

GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers which includes environmental, ecological & social impact criteria. Our Cotton Liners, Mattress Covers, Apparel and Cardigans have been designed to reduce toxin inputs and outputs, made entirely of Organic GOTS Certified Cotton.


2. FSC

Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC ) exists to look after ‘forests for all’. FSC is a global certification with clear labelling to identify responsibly sourced materials. When you see a FSC label this confirms that materials have been sourced from responsibly managed forests, preserving biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring economic sustainability.

Our Holdie™ House, Holdie™ Barn and Playpa Paper are all sourced from FSC certified sources!


3. Proposition CA 65 List

When it comes to product design and assessment, we refer and certify with the Proposition CA 65 list. This assesses, informs and ensures we are creating products without harmful chemicals. We searched high and low for a well certified body that we could rely on for transparent information regarding toxic loading and hidden chemicals. We care about the safety of both people and planet and want our products to be loved for a long time. We don’t want harmful or hidden chemicals playing havoc in anyone's home, or our environment!



Natural & Recycled Materials

Wherever possible we strive to use natural and recycled materials to bring our product to life!

See-ya Suitcases are made from recycled bottles!

All Baskets, Rugs & WARES are fully compostable!



Environmental Heroes

In each office we have an Environmental Hero who is an existing staff member who champions our environmental practices amongst all our staff, helping to ensure our environmental essence is truly coming from within, and across all levels of the organisation.



No disposable coffee cups!

It’s estimated over 1 billion take-away coffee cups end up in landfill in Australia alone every year! After learning this our team implemented a complete coffee cup ban within our offices, saving an estimated 800 coffee cups to landfill annually. 




5 Ways to make everyday Earth Day

Here are a few tips on how to make an impact this Earth Day.

1. Organise a clean up in your local community

2. Use reusable shopping bags, water bottles and keep cups for your coffee

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle

4. Plant more trees

5. Purchase from B-Corp Certified Brands





Xx Olli Ella team




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